May Goals 2017

May Goals 2017

If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. – St. Clement of Alexandra

This past weekend, we’ve experienced really hot and humid weather, both of which I am not a fan of. However, I can’t wait to dig into some watermelons and other seasonal fruits and veggies. I had been just going with the flow for a while now, not really progressing and just rather stale. It wasn’t until Easter that I felt it was time to make some changes in both my personal and professional life. So to continue with my new hair and now new(ish) wardrobe, I hope to continue with this positive change. I also really, really need to schedule exercise back into my life.

Before I get to this month’s goals, here’s how my April Goals went:

 Learn how to style my hair 

I’ve gotten into this routine of washing my hair 2-3 times a day. Some days when I lazy right after I wash it I will let it air dry and just wear it in a low ponytail the next day. Then on second-third day hair, I will curl it. The style repeats on a weekly basis but once I learn how to braid my own hair I’d like to experiment with different styles.

 Drink more water 

Personally, I use Soma water pitcher and filters both at home and at work. I notice fewer particles than what I used to experience with another well-known filter. I also like that Soma is like the Toms of water in that every purchase you make, Soma will provide water to those in need. At home, I use a big mason jar and a glass straw which I keep with me around the house so I remember to drink water and it’s just easily accessible. I do the same with work despite how many water bottles I have. I like being able to drink out of a straw for easier access but I do have some glass water bottles from bkr that I use.

 Continue to experiment with food 

My roommate just got an Instant Pot so we’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with that. The steam kind of scares me but otherwise it’s been really great and dinner is ready in half the time!

My Top Three Goals for May

 Purge the Closet 

I am still in the process of overhauling my wardrobe and have since added a few items from Uniqlo to replace some essentials in my closet.

 Read a book 

This is so simple and should be enjoyable but lately, I’ve been spending my free time watching TV, playing video games and bonding with my roommate.

 Pray Daily Devotions 

I’ve fallen behind in my faith and feel lost at times so I’ve decided to carve out time in my day for reflection.

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