June Goals 2017

June Goals 2017

Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use. – Charles Schulz

Before I get to this month’s goals, here’s how my May Goals went:

 Purge the Closet 

I’ve gotten rid of so many clothes, especially clothes I simply cannot fit into anymore. I’ve been holding onto them thinking that I would lose this extra weight and finally fit into them again. It’s been more depressing than helpful. It’s almost better to reward myself when I do finally lose some weight. I’ve had to get more fitting clothes for my current body type and a majority of my current wardrobe is from Uniqlo.

 Read a book 

I have been using Audible during my commute. My roommates and I started watching American Gods so that’s an audio book I’ve been listening to to prepare for the show.

 Pray Daily Devotions 

Something that has really helped me is a community of women devoted to sisterhood and daily prayer known as Blessed is She. They have a lovely support group in all regions on Facebook, great resources on their site, workshops and daily devotions sent right to my inbox.

My Top Three Goals for June

 Be More Social 

During Memorial Day weekend, our condo hosted community events like a BBQ and coffee and donuts on the helipad to wave to Rolling Thunder. I met some of our neighbors and I realize I should get out of the house more and not keep to myself as much as I have.

 Enjoy The Outdoors 

One of the reasons I avoid the outdoors is that I tan way too easily, I have allergies and personally, I just don’t like the heat. I think Tyler would like to enjoy the outdoors every so often so I’ll try to do that more often.

 Give Yoga a Try 

I am probably one of the most inflexible people you will ever meet. True story, I could barely do the v-sit and reach back in grade school.

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