It’s Not You Starbucks, It’s Me

It's Not You Starbucks, It's Me

Hello, my name is Ginnie and I have a problem. I’ve had an unhealthy and long-standing affair with Starbucks. Every morning I saw her and every morning she gave me gifts in the form of a latte and hot sandwich or pastry. It was a beautiful relationship until I realized the toll it took on my wallet and waistline. I’ve been a gold card member for over five years. Do you know what that means? I go to Starbucks, a lot. Maybe too much. Okay, too much.

I typically only have Starbucks on the weekdays because that is when my body craves caffeine the most and there happens to be one on the way to work so it’s mostly out of convenience and laziness that I find myself there every morning. I’m there so often that I’m already recognized by name. I’m not sure if that’s something I should be proud of or not. There’s a barista there that usually makes my drink right away if I haven’t already ordered ahead. I don’t know his name and it’s not a crush but more like, “that’s my homeboy, he knows me.” We nod to each other every morning and I go on my merry way coffee and breakfast in hand.

It's Not You Starbucks, It's Me

So let’s break it down, I get some form of a latte and a breakfast sandwich every morning, that costs me roughly $10 a day. So $10 dollars every 261 days (weekdays) costs me a whopping $2610 a year.  That’s an outrageous number. At that point, I could have saved up to buy myself a new laptop, camera, or anything else.

It's Not You Starbucks, It's Me

I’m sorry Starbucks, we have to stop this daily rendezvous. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s costing me a lot which I now realize could be put to better use. I’ll be using my Nespresso machine and french press more and making a healthy breakfast from home. Thank you for being a loyal friend. You’ve always been there for me and I know you will continue to be there in my absence. I’ll still stop by for a nice treat every now and then, just not as frequently. I’ll miss you, I hope you miss me too.

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