Dog Monitor App

Dog Monitor App

You know how parents have baby monitoring systems? For people without children or even those that have a family but want to be more involved in their pets life, there’s incredible hardware for that now with a two-way camera system as well as a treat-dispensing feature which could probably set you back $200+. Although the features seem promising, it’s not something I’m willing to invest in; especially with a dog that has a short attention span. I wanted to find another option that is a little more accessible and easier on the wallet.

I have tried out a couple of apps in the past to monitor my precious little furbaby, but they didn’t have all the features that I wanted. One that I had tried in the past was called iCam, not sure if they’re still around because this was back in 2010. One thing I liked about it was that we streamed from a webcam connected to our computer and we were able to save clips which helped when we caught our maintenance guy going into our apartment and doing a little more than maintenance work. At that point, our puppy cam had inadvertently also become our home security camera. Not to say that I didn’t appreciate all those features, but once I moved out of DC, I didn’t have a need for that app again and forgot about it.

I checked out the app store and came across the Dog Monitor App. It was simple, had a very user-friendly UI and had an option to speak to your pet. I get push notifications when there’s “noise” though it’s pretty rare because I realized that all Tyler does while I’m gone is sleep.

Dog Monitor App

Here’s a background on Tyler. He couldn’t care less to see his reflection in the mirror or what is on the television. He’s in the here and now. So if you’re FaceTiming with him, he can hear you but will never look directly into the screen and will hardly acknowledge you. So though I can see him laying there or scratching himself, I can talk to him and you can see his ears perk up, but he’s not dumb. He knows you’re not there, so he’s not even going to bother lifting his head to look at the direction the voice is coming from.

So with this app, as morbidly as it sounds, I’m able to make sure he’s okay and breathing. He’s 8 years old now and I don’t know when he officially becomes a senior but I have this irrational fear that he just won’t be there when I get home. So now I check in on him every so often and speak to him when no one is around because I just look silly talking to my dog through my phone.

Now let’s talk about the app, it’s available on Android and iOS. It will set you back $4.99-5.99 depending on what OS you have but it is also compatible with wearable tech like Android watches and Apple Watch. Although there’s no application that’s compatible with Windows, they do have a version for your Mac. Dog Monitor App

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