DC 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project

I learned about this film challenge from our neighbor, Stephanie. A hobby of hers is filmmaking and she introduced us to the 48 Hour Film Project. It sounds like a great opportunity to get your creative juices in gear. The conversation started when we were talking about YouTube and some of our favorite content creators like Casey Neistat. She started out on a team and created some short films and this year she’s part of the panel.

If you’re interested in this event for DC, it starts June 23-25, 2017. Early bird pricing starts at $148/team and increases closer to the event kickoff. If you’d like to check the dates for the event closer to you, check out the locations here.

If you’re looking for a team or just to meet other filmmakers, there’s a 48HFP Networking Event this weekend.

Assemble your team, scout a venue, get out your camera and shoot! Best of luck to all the teams participating!

48 Hour Film Project

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