6 Favorite WordPress Plugins

6 Favorite WordPress Plugins
I’ve been blogging on and off for few years now. In those few years I have tried many WordPress plugins and found some that workd and some that just didn’t live up to what I expected. Here are a few of my favorites that have remained in my arsenal throughout the years.

 Jetpack by WordPress.com 

This is a must have plugin and is usually included within WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress sites. However, there’s the free version which has worked well for me for many years. I get site stats and analytics, photo gallery templates, automatic sharing on social media sites, search engine optimization, email subscriptions and a bunch of other benefits. However, my web host, DreamHost, has recently included the premium version of Jetpack with the DreamPress hosting option. Now I have access to more security features as well as marketing. This plugin is a must if you’re just getting started on blogging. It’s really an all in one plugin with lots of bells and whistles.

 Contact Form 7 

For forms I need on my site, I use Contact Form 7 because of the easy to use user interface. You’re able to format the form as well as how messages will be received and sent. It makes life much easier when you’re not all that great at coding but need something that is a little more customizable.

 jQuery Pin It Button for Images 

This one is purely for cosmetic purposes. With this plugin I am able to customize how my Pin It button will appear and where it will appear on image placements and what pages and posts. It’s very easy to use and gives you room to be unique in a sea of bloggers.

 Shortcodes Ultimate 

This is another great plugin for those that cannot code. There are plenty of format options to create such as buttons, galleries, tabs, spoilers, boxes, and a lot of things you may not have thought you needed.

 Wordfence Security 

Though Jetpack offers security with their plugin, I’ve got peace of mind using Wordfence. I get email notifications each time I log into my site as well as any attempts whether failed or successful. I get reports on attacks and where they’re originating from, malware scans and more. I use the free version of this plugin and it’s served me well throughout the years. I’m sure there are more perks to having a paid subscription but I’ve been satisfied.

 WordPress Editorial Calendar 

The editorial calendar has been such a lifesaver. I’m a visual person and to be able to see blog posts laid out in calendar format really helps me in planning. You’re able to drag and drop and even create placeholders for future blog posts.

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